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Maple Acupuncture

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

A natural way to prevent and treat ailments!

Customized and decocted raw herbs

Herbal medicine prescribed in Maple Acupuncture & Wellness is 'customized and decocted' raw herbs for each individual client. 


Upon diagnosis of the condition, we carefully select the ingredients (raw herbs) and decoct them for you and pack the strained decoction into individual plastic standing pouches for your convenience.

This is a very traditional and natural way of taking the herbs, which has been used for thousands years in Asia.

The main concept of this method is just like you are having 'home-made food' instead of buying food from restaurants or fast-food chains.pouch_banner01.jpg


Since we decoct customized raw herbs, it usually takes 3-4 days to cook the herbs and finalize the individual standing pouches be ready for pick-up.


The liquid form of herbs are usually taken twice or three times a day. And this will save your time to decoct the raw herbs at home and makes you be able to stay away from the usual strong smell of the herbs spreading all over the house. It is easily portable to your work or school and really convenient to take.


This method is not yet common in Canada and Maple Acupuncture and Wellness is one of the few leading clinics that offer this type of herbal medicine service.

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Highest quality herbs

Cooked by own facilities

We only use the highest quality herbs purchased from domestic and international markets, free from chemicals, contaminations and pesticides. We don't accept any low quality or unidentified herbs becuase we treat every single patient the same as our own family members. Because of this strict quality control, many of our clients have already approved and appreciated our raw herbs.


Unlike many other clinics that use third party herbal dispensaries or cooking facilities, Maple Acupuncture and Wellness has its own herbal dispensary and equiped with our own cooking facilities. This is another way how we strictly control not only the quality of herbs but also the safety, cleaniness and hygiene of the cooking process.


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Powder herbs

In order to meet strong demand, we also prescribe powder herbs. 

Among many suppliers of this type of herbs, we chose Sheng Foong Canada, a Taiwanese company which holds the Certificate of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) recognized by Health Canada, and valid with import permits.

Sheng Foong is the first Chinese herbal manufacturer in Taiwan, to pass the examinations of the European Union (EU) that has the highest possible level of strict rules for medicines to be sold in the EU markets. Their powder herbs are one of the most natural and pure products, without addition of other material, western medicine or usage of r-ray to kill bacteria.



However, wa prescribe these powder herbs the same way that we do for raw herbs, by customizing according to each patient's condition, by our registered traditonal Chinese medicine practitioners.


Powder herbs are especially good and convenient when you are not at home as it is light and easy to bring with you. It is also suitable for the conditions that need shorter terms of treatment period (usually up to 7 days) and for some conditions that need frequent modifications. This form of herbs are also usually taken orally, twice or three times daily, mixed with or melted into water each time.


Powder herbs are known to have the same effects as raw herbs and widely used in many traditional Chinese medicine clinics, especially in Toronto area.



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